Olive Glass Celestina Blooms Mia Molotov-Ms. Behave

When Olive Glass discovers that Mia Molotov and Celestina Blooms, two of her students, are acting out and skipping class, she takes action. Mrs. Glass gives them a private session at her residence after school in an attempt to rein in their misbehavior. They have no idea that Ms. Glass is about to teach them a difficult lesson. Olive resorts to more conventional school sanctions when the girls challenge her authority, but she does it with a sexy lesbian twist. As they find themselves bound and fondled, Celestina and Mia discover that they are drawn to their teacher’s cruel side and are also scared of it. The girls are eager to leave after learning their lesson and being set free, especially after tasting Ms. Glass’ pussy and indulging in a triple sixty-nine together.